Omni Channel Chatbot integration

Personal and connected customer service

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With modular and plugin configurations, integrating any customer experience or API integration is just few clicks away..With ability to extend the functionality the possibilities are just limited by imagination

Customer service

Connect to customers on any channel

Communicate with your customer in wide verity of channels like Whatsapp, iMessage, Facebook, Slack, Moblile, Web., etc. Never leave your customer in dark, integrate state of the art chat bot with your enterprise message manager 

Just say Hi, and take the interaction form there, Application can edit your pictures in real time, this demonstrates Gnan's NLP and Computer Vision AI capabilities

Customer Enagement

Discover effortless customer support

Integrate your customer support with Assistants or real time customer engagement with remote desktop support  

Integrate messaging services with wide array of services including remote desktop support for mobile, web or desktop

Customer Experience

Grow businesses with tools that make every interaction more human

Omni channel chat bot is multichannel approach to end user engagement, this allows customer to work with this platform of choice 

Whatsapp Business api is the integration gateway provided by whatsapp to enterprises to end users easily, with more than 1.5 Billion users, Whastapp provide   its own advantage of reach 

Yes. Gnan's platform has builtin support to integrate with any API. 

When ever customer send a message, Gnan's advanced NLP engine will understand the request and respond appropriately, if the request requires to call any API, Gnan will hit the api or provide the hook for necessary calling mechanism 

Gnan support continuous learning form customer engagement, new skills can be added to the system or can be upgrade the existing features, this can be done without disturbing the live system 

Adding new skill to chat bot can be done in  few minutes, if the skill requires any API, the integration can be done without bringing down the server

Gnan's multi channel support has a reach of 4.0+ billion people, this include Whatsapp, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Gnan also comes with integrated messaging services for enterprises 

Gnan's Customer experience engine will understand the request and process the request, if the customer want to have interaction with support agent, the system can be integrated with the CSA application, the response can be sent back to customer channel. 

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90% of the world’s population can be communicated with our API

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